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De Anza Library Policies: Conduct and Behavior

Within this guide you will find information about our policies at the De Anza College Library. We have policies that govern student and patron conduct, and the borrowing and use of Library materials.


We want everyone who visits the De Anza Library to have a positive experience. That's why we have policies to govern what behaviors are acceptable in the Library, and what we expect our patrons to refrain from doing while they are here. The policies are in place to ensure that the Library is a welcoming environment for all.


Please Do:

  • Talk quietly
  • Bring drinks in covered containers
  • Use the Collaboration Room or group study rooms for group work
  • Use the Silent Study area for undisturbed solo studying
  • Clean up after yourself and use the trash bins


Please Do Not:

  • Eat or bring food into the building
  • Talk loudly or disturb those around you
  • Damage or vandalize furniture or Library materials
  • Leave personal belongings unattended

Patrons who violate the behavior policies will be told to stop. If the violation continues after the first warning, the patron may be asked to leave the Library for the day.