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De Anza Library Policies: Borrowing and Overdue Fees

Within this guide you will find information about our policies at the De Anza College Library. We have policies that govern student and patron conduct, and the borrowing and use of Library materials.


The Library offers many types of materials for check out, including books, DVDs and BluRay, textbooks, and laptops. Different materials have different rules regarding how long they may be kept, and what happens if they are returned late or lost. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the policies for the different materials you want to use, especially the Course Reserves!

All patrons are responsible for knowing and adhering to the due dates and times for their materials, returning materials on time and in the same condition in which they were checked out, and paying any fines and fees.

How Do I Check Out Materials?

Materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk. There are a couple of requirements you should know about for checking out materials:

  • You must bring either your DASB card or a photo I.D. with you when you check out materials. If you have a photo I.D., be prepared to give your student I.D. number.
  • Your account must be in good standing: If you have more than $12.00 in overdue fees, or more than 5 overdue items, your library account will be blocked.

How Do I Return Materials?

Return materials by placing them in the Book Return at the end of the Circulation Desk counter, by handing them directly to a staff person at the Circulation Desk, or by placing them in the Book Return on the exterior of the Library building. The outside Book Return is located near the left-hand entrance doors; follow the signs. Materials that are returned while the Library is closed will be treated as if they were returned at closing time on the previous business day. All items, including calculators, may be returned to the Book Returns.


How Do I Know What's Going on with My Library Account?

You can check your account online anytime. Click this Library Account Link to get to the login page, and enter your Student I.D. number and MyPortal password. Once logged in, you can see any materials you have checked out and their due dates/times, renew eligible materials, and see if you have any bills that need to be paid.

Accounts with 5 or more items overdue, or over $12.00 in fees owed, are blocked until the materials are returned and/or the bills are resolved.

All library bills must be paid at the Circulation Desk. Currently, we can only accept cash for any bills under $10.00. Bills $10.00 and above may be paid with credit card. Personal checks are not accepted.

Course Reserves & Textbooks

The Course Reserves collection is located at the Circulation Desk. There are several different types of materials in this collection, including textbooks, calculators, laptop computers, and chargers for Android and Apple devices. Different materials may be checked out for different amounts of time. To find out how long you may keep a particular book you need for a course, look it up in the Library Catalog, or go to the Reference or Circulation Desk for help.

Circulation Policies for Course Reserves
Item Type Loan Period(s) Overdue Fees Renewals
Textbooks & other course materials Varies. Most items are hourly (2, 4, 24, or 72 hours) and some are weekly (1 or 3 weeks). If in doubt, check your receipt or your Library account online!

HOURLY items: $1 per HOUR/partial hour

WEEKLY items: $5 per day

None. May be checked out again after 30 minute waiting period.

MacBooks: 4 hours. In-library use only

Dells: Due back by closing. May be taken out of the library

$1 per HOUR or partial hour None. May be checked out again after 30 minute waiting period.
Calculators 24 hours $1 per HOUR or partial hour None. May be checked out again after 30 minute waiting period.
Chargers 4 hours. In-library use only. $1 per HOUR or partial hour None. May be checked out again after 30 minute waiting period.

Some hourly materials may be checked out overnight if certain conditions are met:

  • Some 2 and 4-hour reserves may be kept until 12:00 PM the next business day if the Library will be closing before the loan period runs out. In the catalog, these materials have a Location of 2 Hour Overnight or 4 Hour Overnight. If in doubt, ask the staff at the Circulation Desk if the book you want can be checked out overnight.
  • 24-hour reserves that are checked out on Fridays may be kept until 12:00 PM the following Monday.

Items from 2nd Floor Collections

The second floor of the Library building houses several different collections, with various types of materials available to check out. These items may be checked out longer than the course reserves, and may be renewed as long as no other patrons have placed a hold on them. 

Circulation Policies for Second Floor Materials
Item Type Loan Period Overdue Fees Renewals
Books, Audiobooks, and Supplements 3 Weeks $0.25 per day Yes - 2
DVDs and BluRay from Nonprint Collection 1 Week $0.25 per day Yes - 2


Books, audiobooks, supplements, and Nonprint materials from the second floor collections may be renewed, as long as no other patrons have placed a hold on them. Items may be renewed up to 2 times. To renew, log in to your Library account with your student ID number and MyPortal password. Then, click the "Renew" button to the right of each item you would like to renew. If the item is eligible to be renewed, you will see the new due date in the center column. You may also come to the Circulation Desk for help. Remember, course reserves are not eligible for renewals.


You may place holds on items from the second floor collections. Holds may be placed on available materials as well as items that are currently checked out.  If you see an item in the catalog that you want and it is eligible for holds, there will be a "Place Hold" button on the right of the copies window. Click the button and enter your student ID and MyPortal password to complete the hold. You will receive an automated email notification when your material is ready to be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Lost or Damaged Materials

If materials are kept too long, they are assumed to be lost. When this happens, a hold is placed on registration and transcripts for the account with the assumed lost items. The hold is lifted when the materials are returned, or when the replacement fees are paid.

Materials that are returned damaged may also be subject to replacement fees.

Lost Materials Policies and Fees
Material Type Assumed Lost After... Replacment Fees
Course Reserves (except laptops), DVDs and BluRay 10 Days Retail cost of the item when new, plus $5.00 processing fee
Books, Audiobooks, and supplements from 2nd Floor collections 30 Days Retail cost of the item when new, plus $5.00 processing fee

Laptops have different rules if they are lost; please consult the Laptop Borrower's Agreement for more information.