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EWRT2 - Anna Lewis, Winter 2022: Home

Instructor Anna Lewis

Main topics on refugee, xenophobia, or education

Opposing Viewpoints in Context Example

Opposing ViewPoints in Context

Browse issues >  Select Refugees in the United States

Search xenophobia

Scroll down to reference section and click xenophobia article to read more about this topic.

Ebsco Example

Academic Search Complete

refugee and xenophobia – 105 results

This example combines 2 different terms into a single search. This returns articles containing both terms.

Boolean search combines keywords with operators such as AND, OR, NOT

CQ Researcher Example

CQ Researcher

Click browse Topics > select Education

It lists many subtopics to choose.

As an example, I pick Online Education as a sub-topic.

I then select article “Higher Education in the COVID Era”

Ebsco Example continued

Academic Search Complete continued

Subject Terms are controlled vocabulary defined by the database, this case, EBSCOhost to describe the content of the article.

#2 Xenophobia and COVID-19 Aid to Refugee and Migrant Communities in Penang.

"higher education" and covid – 1,330 results

Phrase search is indicated by enclosing search terms with double quotation marks. The results will have higher education listed together.

Limit by Geography to united states – 54 results
Limit by Peer-reviewed – 10 results

Peer-reviewed are Journal articles written by scholars in an academic or professional field. An editorial board reviews articles to decide whether they should be published. Journals that go through this process are called peer reviewed or refereed journals. Journal articles may cover very specific topics or narrow fields of research.  

#3 Textbook Affordability in the Time of COVID-19.

e.g. from instructor e.g. Why do most refugee women refuse modern contraception(s)?

refugee and "modern contraception" - 5 results
#3 Barriers and facilitators to contraceptive use among Somali immigrant women in Oslo: A qualitative study.

#5 Factors associated with reported modern contraceptive use among married men in Afghanistan.