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ENGL1A, Starer: Find Online Books

Why Books?

The Foothill College Library has over 200,000 multi-disciplinary academic eBooks that you can access 24/7. Books are good for comprehensive and in-depth information. Don't overlook the usefulness of books when conducting academic research because you don't think you have the time to read a book. Often times, it is just a chapter or section of the book that you will need. Books are also useful for the following:

  • To put your topic in context with other important issues
  • Historical information
  • Summaries of research to support your argument
  • To find other sources of information (using the book's bibliography)

EBSCO eBooks

eBooksThe Foothill College Library has over 200,000 multi-disciplinary academic eBooks, many of which are downloadable to a tablet or e-reader.  The best way to find our eBooks is to go to the library home page, scroll down to the OneSearch box, and click on Find Books. When you do, a link to EBSCO E-Books will appear under the search box.

OneSearch box with Find Books selected and arrow pointing to EBSCO e-books

Please note that Adobe Digital Editions must be installed on your computer to read downloaded e-books.

Click on the Help button in the eBooks platform for additional information.

Recommended eBooks