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ENGL 1A, Escamilla: Home

Guide for students in Kimberly Escamilla's ENGL 1B course looking at the science behind stereotype threat and various types of biases, including implicit bias.

A Message to Our Students

Your Research Task

racial profiling word cloud

Your Task:

Research one aspect of racial profiling, its origins, causes, legality, ethics and/or consequences. Using one or two specific cases to analyze, discuss potential solutions to and alternatives for racial profiling. You should take a side regarding racial profiling’s efficacy and/or morality and make recommendations for changes.


  • 8-10 pages or 2,000-2,500 words; in MLA format with a Works Cited page
  • Must include concession and/or counter argument
  • Minimum five secondary sources, two should be peer reviewed academic journals. 

The Library Can Help

Part of integrating into the academic culture of Foothill College is getting acquainted with everything the library has to offer: free online access to thousands of e-books, magazine and journal articles, streaming videos, and librarians happy to provide personal assistance with your research. Learn more on the library home page.

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