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ENGL 8, Armerding: Home

Intended for students in Ben Armerding's Children's Literature class.

Your Research Task

bookshelf of children's books

Write an essay performing literary analysis of one of the pieces of children's literature you have read in the second half of the class. Include at least one but no more than three outside critical sources from the Literature Resource Center available through the Foothill College Library.


  • Word Minimum: You must write at least 1500 words (going over this amount will not help nor hurt your grade)
  • Citations: You must use MLA In-text citation conventions for any text you include in your essay. For Wonder Woman you may forego page number citations, but you must provide brief context within your sentences to help situate the textual evidence you're including. You must also include a Works Cited Page for the outside academic sources you've opted to include in your paper.
  • Times New Roman Typeface, 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, and standard MLA "first page" formatting

The Library Can Help

Part of integrating into the academic culture of Foothill College is getting acquainted with everything the library has to offer: free online access to thousands of e-books, magazine and journal articles, streaming videos, and librarians happy to provide personal assistance with your research. Learn more on the library home page.

A Message to Our Students

Literature Resource Center

What is it?

This database combines full-text articles from scholarly journals and literary magazines with critical essays, work and topic overviews, full-text works, biographies, and more to provide a wealth of information on authors, their works, and literary movements.

Where do I find it?

On the library home page scroll down to the OneSearch box and click on Find Articles. Notice that when you do that, a link to the A-Z Database List appears below the search box. Click on that link and then select Literature Resource Center from the list.

How do I use it?

Enter an author or literary work in the search box and select the type of content you want, e.g. Literature Criticism. You can print, email, or download documents.

What Is Literary Criticism?

Literary criticism is simply the "assessment and interpretation of literary works." For more information, look at this topic page from Credo Reference.