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Best Books of 2020: Foothill Favorites

Includes lists of the year's best books and favorite reads in the Foothill community.

Chancellor Judy Miner

Micaela Agyare, Librarian

Alexis Aguilar, Geography Faculty

President Thuy Nguyen

Donna Frankel, Dance Instructor

Laura Gamez, Librarian

Carolyn Holcroft, Full Time Faculty Professional Development Coordinator

Sharon Luciw, Director, Networks & Client Services ETS

Mary Camille Thomas, Librarian

And reading about past plagues puts 2020 in perspective:

  • Brave Hearts: A San Francisco Story. Jean Mahoney (scarlet fever, 1915)
  • The Corner That Held Them. Sylvia Townsend Warner (Black Death, 1349)
  • Pale Horse, Pale Rider. Katherine Anne Porter (Spanish flu, 1918)