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Best Books of 2021: Foothill Favorites

Includes lists of the year's best books and favorite reads in the Foothill community.

Chancellor Judy Miner

Micaela Agyare, Librarian

Trizha Loren Aquino, Library Technician

Acting President Bernadine Chuck Fong

Cathy Draper, Health Instructor

Kirsi Engels, Sr. Library Technician

Laura Gamez, Librarian

Mark Barnes, LRC Dean

Yasmine Malboubi, Library Technician

Mike McCuster, Insructor & RSLS 2022 Co-coordinator

Jeremy Peters, Library Technician

Pawel Szponar, Systems Librarian

Mary Camille Thomas, Librarian

Shirley Treanor, Director of Health Science

Chris White, Senior Admin Assistant