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Jewish American Heritage Month (May 2024)

A guide showcasing events, articles, and library material on Jewish history and heritage in the United States of America.

Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM)

Jewish American Heritage Month Banner Image

On April 20, 2006, President George W. Bush established Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM).

Please look here for events being held at De Anza College for Jewish American Heritage Month! De Anza College is celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month 2022 during May.

President Biden's Proclamation

From the White House: President Biden's Proclamation

President Biden proclaimed on April 29, 2022 that May is the month of Jewish American Heritage. He relates the history of Jewish Americans to America's own history and the importance of Jewish Americans in American culture.

President Biden's Proclamation 2024

"For centuries, the perseverance, hope, and unshakeable faith of the Jewish people have inspired people around the world.  During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the immeasurable impact of Jewish values, contributions, and culture on our Nation’s character and recommit to realizing the promise of America for all Jewish Americans."

United States Department of State Defining Antisemitism

The Department of State has used a working definition, along with examples, of antisemitism since 2010. On May 26, 2016, the 31 member states of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), of which the United States is a member, adopted a non-legally binding “working definition” of antisemitism at its plenary in Bucharest. This definition is consistent with and builds upon the information contained in the 2010 State Department definition. As a member of IHRA, the United States now uses this working definition and has encouraged other governments and international organizations to use it as well.

Antisemitism is discrimination, prejudice,
hostility or violence against Jews as Jews
(or Jewish institutions as Jewish).

- Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism