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ENGL1A, Herman: Getting Started

Your Research Task

Assignment Description:

In this class you will write a 6-8 page thesis-based, researched proposal essay in which you a) identify and offer a sympathetic portrayal of a group of people whose human rights have been violated, denied or limited; b) prove that a human rights violation has taken place or is currently taking place; c) argue who or what caused the violation or contributed to lasting negative effects; d) evaluate existing proposals, obstacles to change, and voices of opposition; and e) persuade your audience to take a particular action to improve or change the situation.

Research Requirements:

  • Use at least 5 credible sources
  • Include at least one interview or first-hand account from a representative of your demographic group
  • Use MLA format, including in-text citation and a Works Cited page for all sources directly referenced.

Assignment Calculator:

San Jose State's Assignment Calculator is a good resource to help you determine how much time you have to complete various aspects of your research and writing, given your starting date and due date.

Getting Started Researching Human RIghts Issues

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