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ENGL1A, Glanting: Getting Started

Final Essay: Research Business Report on a Societal Issue

FInal Due 12/14 @ 3 PM


For this project, you should be exploring a societal issue where you can both, gather information and make suggestions for what is to be done; alternatively, if you have a research question that isn’t necessarily a problem that can work but you will need to make substantive recommendations about where to go next.  


  • What can be done about San Francisco’s unhoused population?
  • Is Cancel culture a good thing? A bad thing? 
  • What can be done about the massive waste caused by fast fashion? 
  • What can be done by rising political divides? 


  • Business Report. 7-9 pages; 12 point font; Times New Roman; 1” margins; double-space.  

Introductory Material: 

  • What will your audience need to know, to understand your report? 
    • Introduction

    • Executive summary

    • Methodology      

Body Sections/Data Analysis: What did you find?/Present your sources 

  • This is where you will bring in the bulk of your research. Your synthesis and dialogue sections should be here. 

Concluding Materials, AKA what’s next? AKA Recommendations 

  • What are you suggesting happen, going forward? These should be specific. Even if these are out of your control, be precise in what you suggest happen.

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Assignment Calculator

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