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Library Policies: Art/Heritage Month Exhibitions

Library policies on checking out and returning items, using the computers and printers, and more.

Scheduling Exhibitions

  • The Library Art Exhibition Calendar lists the install, opening, closing and removal dates for monthly displays, as well as a distribution list of contacts for departments participating in library exhibits.
  • Each year, during the month of May, a draft calendar for the upcoming academic year is distributed to everyone on the calendar distribution list.  Each exhibit group is requested to confirm the dates for their exhibit listed on the draft calendar.
  • Individuals or groups, other than those listed on the art display calendar, expressing interest in using display areas in the library should be referred to Laura Gamez.

Installation and Removal of Library Exhibits

  • Installing and removing library art exhibits is solely the responsibility of the group sponsoring the exhibit. Decisions on how various library display spaces are used is at the discretion of the group responsible for the exhibit.
  • Displays should be installed and removed according to dates on the Library Art Exhibition Calendar, and during open hours of the library: Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.  
  • If art work is not removed in time for the next scheduled exhibition, library staff will remove art work. The library is not responsible for the safety of the work.
  • Ideally all art work will be labeled with the name of artist and title of work. Additional description of art pieces is encouraged.

Exhibits: Locations, Installation, Equipment and Preparation

Display areas located outside of Library Study Rooms

  • Display space accommodates only light-weight, unframed art work
  • To protect the surface of the display areas outside of Study Rooms, surfaces should be covered with construction paper before art work is installed.
  • ONLY T-pins, push pins, thumb tacks or map tacks may be used to hang art work on display areas located outside of the Study Rooms.  Do not use nails on this surface as they will damage the self-healing textured surfaces of the display areas.
  • Pins for installation are available at the library’s Information Desk. Please return all pins to the library Information Desk after art displays are removed.
  • T-pins can be purchased from Office Depot and Joanne’s Fabrics.

Display areas in Library Information Commons           

  • Display space accommodates heavier framed art pieces using a rail and metal cable hanging system.
  • At this time, the library cannot provide a ladder for installation, only footstools are available.


  • The library is available for receptions and small group tours for art/heritage month exhibits.  Receptions related to exhibits must be scheduled through the Library Contact - Laura Gamez to avoid conflicts
  • Light refreshments are permitted.  Arrangements (including setup, refreshments, coordinating with facilities, and cleanup) are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Groups holding public gatherings in the library are asked to be mindful that the library is a public space that serves both as a place for research and study as well as an exhibition area.

Security, Insurance and Liability

  • Secured areas:  Glass coffin cases and foyer cases can be secured with locks.
  • Unsecured areas:  While art work displayed outside of the Study Rooms and in the Information Commons area are situated in high traffic areas whose visibility reduces the likelihood of damage or theft, these areas should still be recognized as unsecured areas. The library is not responsible for the security of exhibits at any time, including transport, installation or removal of exhibits.
  • Exhibits should be installed to accommodate physical safety for library patrons.
  • Artists who are not affiliated with the college who are exhibiting through the Fine Arts Division or Heritage Months Office are required to complete the “Loan of Works of Art and Other Property” Agreement. The Library Contact will provide this form and keep it on record throughout the exhibit.

Sale of Artwork

Artists may provide information regarding the purchase of their art work including contact formation. Library staff does not participate in the sale of art work. All transactions must be between the artist and buyer.

Art Work Selection and Suitability

  • Foothill College Library subscribes to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights as it applies to exhibit spaces, specifically: “The library should not censor or remove an exhibit because some members of the community may disagree with its content.” While the library supports freedom of expression, it reserves the right to approve or disapprove all exhibits.
  • Anyone objecting to the content of any exhibit held at the library can submit in writing complaints or challenges to the exhibit or specific art work.  

Library Exhibit Spaces (Full Dimensions)

For larger, heavier art pieces: 

Eight wood panels - 8' 6" wide x 15' high, with a hanging rail/metal cable display systems. These panel display areas are located in the Information Commons area of the library. 

wood panel

For lighter-weight art pieces: 

Twenty-two panels - 45" wide x 58" high, installed with a textured/mend-able surface that accommodates smaller light-weight art pieces. These panels are located on the outside walls of the 10 new group study rooms.

study room panels

For three-dimensional pieces:


Twelve glass display cases of various sizes located near the entrance to the library, four with security locks. Located in library foyer—key available at Library Information Desk.

display case

Two "Coffin" display cases   90" long x 42" wide x 6" deep. Located in Journal Section – key available at the Library Circulation Desk.

coffin case




  • The Foothill Librarians and Library Dean will be responsible for updating and revising this policy.
  • Refer questions regarding the Foothill Library Art/Heritage Monthly Exhibits  to the Library Display Contact - Laura Gamez