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Evaluating Information Sources: Currency

Tips for evaluating print and online information sources.


Currency of the Information

Questions to Ask:

  • Can you tell when the web page was originally created? When it was last updated?
  • Is this a topic on which it's important that you have up-to-date information (science, medicine, news, etc.) or one where it is not as important that information be recent (history, literature, etc.)?

Where to Look:

  • Look near the top and the bottom of the web page to see if any publication date, copyright date or "date last modified" is indicated.
  • Look for other indications that the page is kept current. Is there a "What's New" section?
  • In a book look on the back of the title page. Has the information been revised or updated? For a periodical  look on the cover.
  • If statistical data or charts are included, be especially careful to notice what dates are represented there and when the data was collected or published.


Passage of Time
[source: Toni Verdú Carbó]