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Academic Integrity: What Other Colleges Do

An introductory guide to the literature concerning academic integrity, teaching, and learning.

UC San Diego

Great ideas and resources for students and faculty. The full-time academic integrity officer, Tricia Bertram Gallant, wrote Cheating in School: What We Know and What We Can Do.

Honor Codes

At these campuses, each known for its culture of academic integrity, students rather than faculty or the administration monitor the honor system. As the website for Harvey Mudd College puts it, "HMC's Honor Code is a matter of trust and team play. It is not a class in ethics or a set of rules dictated by the faculty. It's a way of life, created and governed by students—respected by everyone."

Developing a Moral Compass

Twenty-three colleges participated in this study, published in 2010, in which "93 percent of students and 97 percent of academic leaders, faculty, and student life professionals either 'strongly' or 'somewhat' agree that preparing students for lives of integrity and ethical responsibility is an essential goal of a college education."

Honor Pledges