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HIST 4B – Western Civilization: 700-1800: Books

Find Background

Use Credo Reference to search over 700 reference books for background information on your topic. Some titles that may be of special interest for this class include

Off-Campus Access

For off-campus access to the online databases and eBooks, you'll need your student ID. See our Off-Campus Library Services LibGuide for more information.

You can also renew your books online from home.

How to Find Books

Search the Library Catalog to find books, eBooks, and periodicals. You can search by keyword ("everything"), author, title, or subject. The results list will give you basic information about each item, including availability. To find out more, click on Details.

Three links provide different kinds of information. Call Number Record shows the basic information about the book, as well as the call number and whether the book is checked out. A Look Inside might show a summary, the table of contents, and/or reviews of the book. The Catalog Record provides all the details you will need for a citation plus the book's subject headings, which are clickable links and may give you ideas for other searches to try. Some subjects that might be useful for you to search are:Black death

Charlemagne, Emperor, 742-814
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546
Middle Ages
Civilization, Medieval
Black death
Hundred Years' War, 1339-1453
Europe History 476-1492
Europe History 1492 1648
Science, History
Science, Europe History

Be sure to click "Subject" when you're searching for these subject headings in the catalog!

Search Library Catalog

Library Catalog Advanced Search

You can use the Advanced Search option in the library catalog if you want to do a more specific search. Click on Advanced Search under the search box in the catalog:

Advanced Search

Using the advanced search, you can search by any combination of keyword, author, title, subject, series, periodical title, or ISBN. You also have the option to search by language, material type (such as book, e-book, video, etc.), shelving location (e.g. reserves, reference, media center), ESL reading level, and more.

You can also use the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to narrow or broaden your search.

Advanced Search Screen