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NoodleTools: Creating a Bibliography

Using NoodleTools to Format Citations

Once you've created your project, you'll be taken to the Dashboard where you can create a bibliography, make notecards, start an outline, write a research question and thesis statement, or start a paper in Google Docs.

1. To get started creating citations, from the Dashboard, click on the Sources tab at the top of the page and then click on Create new citation.

create new citation

2. Follow the directions given to create a citation for your first source, and then repeat the process for each additional source you need to cite. Your list of citations will look like this:

MLA citations

3. Once you have inputted all of your citations, select the Print/Export drop-down menu to finalize your bibliography. You can export it to Word, RTF, Google Docs, or preview it as a web page, from which you can copy it into your document.

print export

4. You can also Share or Email your citations. 

5. Clicking on Analysis will show you how many citations you have of each type, in each medium (i.e., print, online), and how current they are, so you can determine if you have the right balance of citations.

6. ‚ÄčTo find the corresponding in-text citation for each of your full citations, click on the Options pull-down menu to the right of the finished citation and click on In-text reference.

Options Menu