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Starting Research

Where should I start my research?

Ask yourself these questions before you start doing any research.

  • Can you choose your topic? Or do you have an assigned prompt?
  • What type of sources do you need and how many?'
  • What citation style are you required to use?

By asking yourself these questions before you start your research you are able to plan out your most effective search strategy. 

Evaluating Sources

Currency - Is the information current and up-to-date?

Relevance - Does this source contain a lot of useful information, or is it too basic, complex or unrelated to my topic?

Authority - Who is the author/publisher of this source and what are their qualifications? Are they an expert on this topic?

Accuracy - Is information supported by evidence? How has it been reviewed or fact-checked?

Purpose - What is the purpose of this source - to inform, entertain, persuade, sell, etc.? Is this purpose clear or is the author trying to hide something?