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Women's History Month (March 2024): Home

A Libguide on Women's History Month, including library material, campus events, and history about the month.

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Women's History Month is March!

Welcome to this Libguide! De Anza faculty, staff, administrators, and students are highlighting the diversity of De Anza College's community.

For March, we are celebrating Women's History Month! Here, you will find information and library material relating to Women's Rights, suffrage, and more.


Videos at the Library

Check out the U.S.'s official Women's History Month website, which houses exhibits, collections, and video about Women's History Month!


Women's History Month initially originated as a celebration in the town of Santa Rosa.

The decision to have the celebration on March 8 was to coordinate with International Women's Day.

In the 1980s, the National women's History Alliance (then the National Women's History Project) petitioned for nation-wide acknowledgement of Women's History Month. President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8th as National Women's History Week. Women's History Week started in 1982 and continued to develop into "Women's History Month" by 1987.

Starting in 1995, Congress approved resolutions allowing the President to officially commemorate March as Women's History Month through White House communications.

Library of Congress Legal Documents

  • Pub L. 97-28 - 1981 publication authorizing the President to officially announce the week of March 7th as "Women's History Week".
  • Presidential Proclamation 4903 - President Ronald Reagan's official statement marking the week of March 7th as "Women's History Week".
  • Pub L. 100-9 - 1987 publication from Congress marking March 1987 as the first "Women's History Month".
  • Presidential Proclamation 5619 - President Ronald Reagan's official statement stating March as "Women's History Month".