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Eng 1A Menendez: California Environmental Issues: Home


Purpose: Show the path of research for your assignment on Environmental Issues in California.

  • Read the assignment carefully to see what is needed
  • Choose & Refine your topic
  • Define Search terms and find related terms
  • Find your sources (Articles, videos, radio transcripts)
  • Broaden or Narrow your topic
  • Citation - MLA
  • Librarian: Help available at Information Desk in Library (see also the "Chat with a Librarian" tab on the Library website!)


California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) website can provide information about a variety of environmental issues. Go to the CalEPA website and check out the various departments and programs of the agency. Use the tabs to locate News Releases (under Newsroom) to find out what CalEPA has been doing recently.

Which one is the most interesting to you?

Air resources Board

Pesticide regulation

Climate action

Refinery safety

Water resources Board

Environmental Justice

Tribal Relations

Process: Refining your topic


As you research environmental issues in California, your first step might be to find an aspect which interests you. Ask the following:




What is the consequence of the problem? death, illness, environmental, political?

How can it be solved?

Who would be affected? young, old, racial aspect

When would the effect be seen? now, near future , 50 years?

Why is the problem occurring?

Example: How does pesticide runoff affect children of agricultural workers in California?