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Eng 1A, Menendez: California Environmental Issues: Websites

Good quality websites

What makes a reliable high-quality website? Look for:

  • a sponsoring organization with high standards ( examples: NPR, Greenpeace)
  • a .gov or .edu web domain (,
  • current dated information (last update or revision)
  • references or links to high quality references 

Because anyone can post anything on the Web and there is no quality control, it is important to evaluate any website you may use in your research. The following sites can help you evaluate the accuracy, reliability, and currency of information in general, and Internet sources in particular.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask, from UC Berkeley.

Evaluating Sources, both print and Internet, from the Purdue OWL.

Media websites

Advocacy Websites

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Defense (EDF)

Friends of the Earth


League of Conservation Voters

National Audubon Society

National Parks and Conservation Association

National Wildlife Federation

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club

Save Our Environment Action Center

Wilderness Society

World Wildlife Fund