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Swank Digital Campus: FAQ

How can I find Swank Digital Campus?

Look for the Swank Videos link on:

How do I create an account?

From the Swank Digital Campus page, click on the Instructor or Student button to optimize your experience, and you will then be prompted to set up an account.

Are the films closed captioned?

Subtitles are available for all the videos in our collection. When viewing a video, move your cursor to the bottom of the video screen. A toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on the gear icon to access the subtitles menu.

Should I be concerned about copyright?

No. Our license includes the right to share the videos with Foothill students, faculty, or staff and to show them in a classroom setting for academic use.

What are the technical requirements for Swank Digital Campus?

Films streamed on the Digital Campus platform work with all web browsers, including Safari. If you have a problem, consult this list of Digital Campus Streaming Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I view Swank Videos off campus?

Yes! Foothill students, faculty, and staff can all access videos off campus via the Swank Digital Campus page, but you need to click on the Swank Videos link from the Foothill Library home page. Then you will be prompted to enter your CWID and MyPortal password to log in.

Instructors may share direct links with students; if they are off campus, they will be prompted to log in first.

How do I share videos?

Can I show Swank Videos in my classroom?

Yes, our license includes the right to show videos in the classroom, and all videos are subtitled. If your classroom is equipped with an instructor workstation (i.e. computer connected to the Internet and projection capability), you can show an entire film or just a segment in your classroom. From the Foothill Library web page, click on Swank Videos and select the video you wish to show. When you move your cursor to the bottom of the video screen, a tool bar appears similar to the one on a YouTube video.

Swank video toolbar with rectangle around gear icon and expansion arrows

Click on the two arrows to expand the image to fill the screen and then click on the Play button in the center of the screen or in the bottom left corner. At any time you can press the ESC key on your computer to return to the browser window or you can move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to make the toolbar visible again; then you can pause or adjust the volume. Click on the gear icon to access closed captioning.