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Getting Started with Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus - Foothill library portal

Swank Digital Campus streams a mix of classic and contemporary films from major motion picture studios. The collection of films available to the Foothill community varies by academic year. Click the link below to see if we have a specific title and to watch a film.



Viewing Swank Films

From the library's list of Swank films, just click on the film you want to watch. You will be taken to the Digital Campus player, which operates much like YouTube or other online video platforms.  The film will start to play automatically once the player is open.  Just click the pause button on the bottom left to stop playing. Click on the gear icon in the lower right corner to access the subtitles menu.

If you have a problem, consult this list of Digital Campus Streaming Frequently Asked Questions.

Tips for Instructors

Request a Title

Faculty may request titles for your classroom through the Swank portal. To search the catalog of films and request titles, click on the Instructor login button in the upper right corner, and you will be prompted to register for an instructor account. (This is also required to obtain watch links to share with your students or embed in Canvas.) After you register, you can search for and request titles. Your request(s) will be routed to the library. Please keep in mind that by law we can only license closed-captioned films. 

Embed a Film in Canvas

  1. Log into Swank and select a video.
  2. Select the “Copy LMS Link” button under the video.  
  3. Paste this code into the Canvas HTML Editor to embed the link. A link to the video will show on the published page. Note: Swank does not support playlists or clips.Swank video with arrow pointing to copy LMS link