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ENGL 8, Herman: Home

Intended for students in Allison Herman's Children's Literature course.

Your Research Task

Critical readers and writers of literature make use of a variety of resources in order to develop insights, and craft well-developed, literary analysis essays. They also engage in research in order to join other scholars in a discussion about their ideas. 


Within this guide, you'll find many vital resources to help you with each of these activities, including the following:

  • Course texts
  • Reference works for understanding literary criticism
  • Research tips and tools for finding and using outside sources effectively
  • MLA formatting and citation guides

And you'll also find one of the most important resources of all: our Foothill librarians!


Explore each of the tabs fully, and reach out for guidance as needed.


Prof. Allison Herman

The Library Can Help

children's books on a shelf

Part of integrating into the academic culture of Foothill College is getting acquainted with everything the library has to offer: free online access to thousands of e-books, magazine and journal articles, streaming videos, and librarians happy to provide personal assistance with your research. Learn more on the library home page.

A Message to Our Students