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VT 51: Introduction to Veterinary Technology: Research Project

Research Project Overview

What diseases might your favorite animal be prone to? Select a favorite domestic animal and research 2 diseases that the animal is prone to developing. If you have experience in dealing with the disease or the animal, include that in the introduction to make it a more compelling article. Include the following information:
1. Description of the disease (what is it?).
2. Who does it effect? Which species/age/gender is most susceptible?
3. What is the cause of the disease?
4. What are the clinical signs of the disease?
5. How is the disease diagnosed? (tests performed, examinations)
6. How is the disease treated?
7. How can the disease be prevented?

Assignment Calculator

San Jose State's Assignment Calculator is a good resource to help you determine how much time you have to complete various aspects of your research and writing, given your starting date and due date.

Resources for Research Topics

If you are having difficulty selecting a topic, sometimes the best idea is to begin with a general topic and then let your background reading lead you to a more specific idea. Background research in an encyclopedia or other general source can also

  • Provide a good overview of the subject.
  • Help you identify important facts related to your topic -- dates, events, history, overviews.
  • Help you refine your topic by suggesting ways to broaden or narrow a subject
  • Identify keywords and related terms
  • Lead you to bibliographies that you can use to find additional sources of information.

Use one of the resources below to start your research:


The Foothill College Library has over 120,000 multi-disciplinary academic eBooks, many of which are downloadable to a tablet or e-reader.  The best way to find our eBooks is to go to the library home page and click on the FIND BOOKS tab. When you do, you'll notice that a link for EBSCO E-Books appears. It will take you to the eBook Academic Collection from EBSCOhost.


Library Databases for Veterinary Technology