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PHOTOGRAPHY, Jordahl: Find Online Books

What is an eBook?

An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a text- and image-based publication in digital form readable on computers. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as "an electronic version of a printed book," but eBooks can exist without any printed equivalent.

Make notes on your Ebook

When you have your own copy of a book in print, it's easy to take notes as you read, but what if you're reading an eBook? Check out our new tutorial to learn how to annotate an EBSCO ebook!

O'Reilly Safari eBooks

O'Reilly Safari offers the premier digital library with over 42,000 eBooks in the topics of technology, digital media, and business. Look for the link on the library home page under Featured Databases.

For help with searching, using O'Reilly Safari on your mobile device, and other features, visit the Support Center.

EBSCO eBooks

eBooksThe Foothill College Library has over 200,000 multi-disciplinary academic eBooks, many of which are downloadable to a tablet or e-reader.  The best way to find our eBooks is to go to the library home page, scroll down to the OneSearch box, and click on Find Books. When you do, a link to EBSCO E-Books will appear under the search box.

OneSearch box with Find Books selected and arrow pointing to EBSCO e-books

Please note that Adobe Digital Editions must be installed on your computer to read downloaded e-books.

Click on the Help button in the eBooks platform for additional information.