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New York Times (NYT)

How to use De Anza's NYT access and troubleshooting.

Setting up Student Access to NYT

Students have access to New York Times through their De Anza student status. Look below to see how you set up your access!

DA Library website. Highlighting Articles & Databases link.

Go to the De Anza website and select Library (the books icon) at the top, then click on Articles & Databases.

Select NYT on the Articles & Databases page.Select New York Times. This will open the MyPortal login page.

If you are already logged into MyPortal, this will instead send you to the NYT portal and create your account.

MyPortal login. Enter your student credentials.Fill in your student credentials and login like normally.

Your Campus Wide ID (CWID) is a minimum of 8 numbers long. Enter your MyPortal password in the password field.

Image of the NYT Academic Access splash page.Signing in with your CWID information will open the Academic Pass splash screen. Click "Create Account".

If you already have a NYT account, login with your existing information and your Academic Pass will link to your existing account.

Enter your preferred email address for your account.

Enter your preferred email for your NYT account. We suggest your De Anza student email to simplify your access.

NYT account creation page. Your email will be auto-filled from last page. Enter your password.

Your email will autofill from the previous page. Enter an unique password - do not reuse a password.

You can opt into email communications, but it is optional. Remember to uncheck the checkbox if you do not wish to be contacted by New York Times.

Select who you are (student, faculty, staff) and then enter your graduation year and alternate email.

Select what kind of patron you are (student, faculty, staff) and then enter your graduation year.

NYT prompts for an alternate email - this will be used if you lose access to your initially chosen email address.

Example of graduation year and alternate email.

Once you've chosen your information, click "Sign Up".

Example of pass expiry

Your academic pass will expire on December 31st of your chosen graduation year. Your actual access will expire if you cease becoming a student at De Anza, i.e., graduating, transferring, or a break in registration.

Click "Get Started" to begin configuring your NYT account!