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New York Times (NYT)

How to use De Anza's NYT access and troubleshooting.

Accessing Historical NYT

Students also have access to historical issues of New York Times, large from 1851 - 2017. Access is through ProQuest.

Historical NYT database location is under NYT.

Select the Historical New York Times database entry. This will open a MyPortal login screen if you are not already logged in.

Historical NYT Proquest entry page

This is the main search page for the Historical New York Times database, available through ProQuest. To do a basic search, enter your search terms in the search bar.

For advanced users, you can also access the entire database all at once. Click on View title list, which will open a spreadsheet listing all issues and titles in the database.

Search result screen. Searches can be filtered on the left, including full text.

This is the search results page. Results can be filtered on the left using the filter facet.

Most useful are:

Full text - full entries for each result. This filters out summaries, excerpts, and other partial results.

Date range - Limit results to certain years. You can manually type in a date range or use the arrows to drag & drop your preferred date range.

Click an entry to open the article.

Article result page. More access options, including downloading and printing, are on screen.

You can view your article here.

On the lefthand side are viewing options, including page view and abstract (summary) of the article.

At the top right are ways to save, print, or share the article.

At the right are suggested sources of aspects in the article and/or related articles.