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Native American Heritage Month (November 2023): Thankstaken

A libguide on the identity recognition month for Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples; this guide includes library material, campus events and observances, and a history of the recognition days and month.

What is Thankstaken & Thankstaking?

Thankstaken & Thankstaking

In the Bay Area, many organizations reclaim Native American culture and center historical truth through the concept of Thankstaken.  For more information, to learn, get involved, donate and participate and or volunteer, please lean on the following spaces:



Amah Mutsun


Tamien Nation

...and local nonprofit Indian Health Center located within De Anza's surrounding communities, places where are college students live, work, and socialize.

In the meantime, learn more about the American Indian Movement and its contribution to advancing indigenous rights in the United States. From an international solidarity lens, check out the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Website and arrticles particularly the latest call to action for better protection of indigenous women and girls