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Technology Lending: Calculators & Other Technology

A guide and list of all technology available for lending at the Library. Includes laptops, tablets, calculators, and more!



Ti-84+ Graphing Calculator


Ti-83 Scientific Calculator

Ti-30X Standard Calculator

Ti-30X Standard Calculator


Chargers are for same-day use & are due at closing.

45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

Lightning Chargers

10W USB-C Charger (phones & small devices)

45W USB-C Charger (laptops)

10W Micro-USB Charger (Android & other small devices)

Other Technology & Peripherals

Logitech Keyboards & Mice (USB-A Connection) - Same-Day Use

DVD/CD Writable Drives (USB-A Connection) - 3 Day Checkout

USB-C Dongle - HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C ports

Over-the-ear headphones

Headphone splitters (allows two aux-in headphones to hear audio from one device)

We also have earbud headphones available for students. These are given free and are not lent - students do not need to return earbuds.