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Chat GPT : Academic Integrity & ChatGPT

Academic Integrity at Foothill College

According to the Student Handbook at Foothill College, all students agree to follow the standards of Academic Integrity as set by Foothill College guidelines and committees. According to the Student Handbook, 

"Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship. Unless collaboration is explicitly authorized, all academic work should result from an individual's own efforts. Intellectual contributions from others must be consistently and responsibly acknowledged. Students accused of violating Foothill's academic integrity policy will face judicial action, up to the possibility of suspension from the college. For more information about Foothill's academic integrity policy, visit or stop by the Dean of Students office in Room 2002.

Professional Ethics

In Spring 1988 the Foothill College Academic Senate adopted a statement on professional ethics based on the Statement on Professional Ethics adopted by the Council of the American Association of University Professors. It appears as Appendix G in the Faculty Handbook.

Developing a Moral Compass

What is the Campus Climate for Ethics and Academic Integrity?

Twenty-three colleges participated in this study, published in 2010, in which "93 percent of students and 97 percent of academic leaders, faculty, and student life professionals either 'strongly' or 'somewhat' agree that preparing students for lives of integrity and ethical responsibility is an essential goal of a college education."

Chat GPT & Plagarism Concerns