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Chat GPT : Resources for Faculty

Chatbot Detectors


  • TurnitIn is developing AI-technology which will aid in the detection of AI-generated text. View the video below for a demonstration:

GPT Zero 

  • Developed by Princeton student, Edward Tian, this free software analyzes text to determine if work is generated by AI. 

Additional Readings

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Hellwig, J. (2023, February 14). Faculty question how to adjust syllabi in the wake of ChatGPT. The New York Times.

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Campus Resources

ChatGPT Campus Forum - March 1, 2023 

Foothill President Bernadine Fong and Psychology instructor Benjamin Stefonik, addressed ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence (AI).

#101 Creative Ideas to use AI in Education

Butler University LibGuide

Butler University also created this very handy LibGuide on Chatbots and Chatbot Assignment Examples! Check it out HERE 

Generative Artificial Intelligence Canvas Course

Foothill College Health instructor, Sally Baldwin, created a Canvas site with excellent resources, including syllabus policy examples and examples of college-wide academic integrity policies.  Access the course here:

Topics included are: 

  • What is ChatGPT & ChatGPT Detectors

  • Your Syllabus & ChatGPT

  • Assignments & ChatGPT

  • OpenAI's Advice to Educators
  • Steven Pinker Tries ChatGPT

  • Fortune: ChatGPT Creates an A.I. Frenzy

  • Hello, Bing!

  • What Do We Know? What Do We Want to Know? How Are You Using ChatGPT in Your Courses?

  • How Can We Add Humanity to Our Courses?

Noam Chomsky on ChatGPT

Top 30 Noam Chomsky GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat