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Library Research Basics: NoodleTools

Tips on how to find books and articles in the library and on how to research and write a paper.

What is NoodleTools?


NoodleTools is a citation tool that will help you create citations and much more! Use it when you start your research to organize your sources, take notes, and write outlines.

Other Features

  • NoodleTools will give you guidelines for the corresponding in-text citation for each of your full citatons. Just click on Parenthetical Reference,  located to the right of the finished citation. 
  • You may e-mail your list by clicking on the Email button on the Bibliography page.
  • Click on Analysis to see what types of references you used and how current they are, so you can determine if you have a good balance of sources.
  • Use the Notecards tab to create searchable electronic index cards. You may take notes, link them to your sources, and organize this information. Click on New Notecard to create a notecard.
  • If you have any questions about your citation or think there is an error, click on the Have a Question? link under Parenthetical Reference on the right hand side of the Bibliography page.  An e-mail form is provided to Ask the Experts, who will answer your question within 24 hours.
  • You can type your paper directly into NoodleBib by using the Paper tab.  This requires a Gmail account and will open Google Docs for you to use to write your paper.

Using NoodleBib to Format Citations

1. Go to NoodleTools and create a new account or sign in by clicking on Current Users: Sign In in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Next, click on Create a new project.

3. Choose your citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago) and click on Create Project.

4. To create your bibliography, click on Bibliography, under Components.

5. Select the citation type (document type) from the drop-down window:

6. Follow the directions given to create a citation for your first source, and then repeat the process for each additional source you need to cite.

7. When you're done creating citations, click Print/Export to finalize your bibliography.

8. Be sure to check for errors or omissions!