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History of the United States: Books

Use this guide to locate print and electronic resources for research in U. S. History.

Searching the Library Catalog

To find books at Foothill Library go to the Library Catalog or use the search box below.  You can conduct a keyword search, a title search, an author search, or a subject search.  Try a search using one of the subject phrases listed below to find information on a specific area of U. S. History.


Browse the Stacks

The Foothill Library book collection is organized by subject using Library of Congress call numbers.  Call numbers provide an exact location for each book in the library.  They are listed in the book's catalog record and display on the spine of the book.  Books on United States History are found mainly in Stack Sections D, E and F. 

Use the following general call number ranges to browse the shelves.

             17th and 18th Centuries

  • Colonial History (1607-1775)   -- E186-E189
  • The Revolution (1775-1783)   -- E201-E298
  • Constitutional Period (1789-1809)   -- E310-E337

             19th Century

  • Territorial Expansion   -- E179-E182 
  • Slavery, United States   -- E441-E453
  • U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)   -- E456-E645
  • Industrial Revolution   -- HC105

            20th Century

  • World War, 1914-1918   -- D512-D573
  • Great Depression (1929-)   -- E816, HB3717
  • World War, 1939-1944   -- D743-D811
  • Cold War   -- E743-E895
  • Civil Rights Movement   -- E815-E185.9
  • Vietnam War    -- DS557-DS559
  • War on Terrorism   -- E985, HV6432
  • Iraq War   -- DS79.76

          Other Topics

  • Indians of North America   -- E58-E99
  • U.S. Constitution   -- KF4510-KF4541
  • Local History (individual states)   -- F1-F975
  • California History   -- F856-870
  • Women's Rights   -- HQ1101-HQ2030.7

If you need help, visit the Reference Desk at Foothill Library.  Reference librarians will be there to help you!  You can also submit a question by E-MAIL 24/7.

U. S. History Subject Headings

Conducting a subject search using certain terms will steer your search to books focusing on a specific area of United States History. 


                 •  Civil Rights  United States
                 •  Frontier and Pioneer Life
                 •  Presidents  United States
                 •  September 11 Terrorist Attacks
                 •  United States  Economic Conditions
                 •  United States  History  Colonial Period
                 •  United States  History  Revolution,
                 •  United States  History  Civil War,
                 •  United States  Politics and
                 •  United States  Social Conditions
                 •  United States  Vietnam War,
                 •  World War, 1914-1918 
                    United States

                 •  World War, 1939-1945
                    United States


Books in the Stacks

The Library's eBooks

Foothill Library has over 120,000 eBooks available for you to use. Click on e-Books on the library home page to access Foothill's eBook Academic Collection or search the Library Catalog to find eBooks on your topic. The Library Catalog will list all the books the library owns, but you can limit your results to eBooks. Below are examples of e-Books listed in the Library Catalog. Clicking on a book below will take you to its URL that links to the electronic version of the book.

Ebooks Listed in the Library Catalog