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History of the United States: U. S. History Timelines and Chronologies

Use this guide to locate print and electronic resources for research in U. S. History.

U.S. History Timelines/Chronologies on the Library Reference Shelf

•   Day By Day: The Twenties                      
        REF  D723 D43 2008, Vol. 1-2 

•    Day By Day: The Forties                      
        REF  D427 .L4 

•   Day By Day: The Fifties                       
       REF  D842.5 .M47 1979
•   Day By Day: The Sixties                       
      REF  D840 .P27 1983, Vol. 1-2 

•   Day By Day: The Seventies
      REF  D848 .L4 1988, Vol. 1-2  

•   Day By Day: The Eighties
     REF  D848 .M45 1995, Vol. 1-2

   The Seventies in America
    REF E169.12 .S447 2006, Vol. 1-3

•   The Nineties in America
    REF  E839 .N56 2009. Vol. 1-3

•   Columbia Chronicle of American Life
     REF  E169.1 G667 1995                                        

  The Timetables of Women's History
      REF  HQ1121 .G74 1994

   The Timetables of African American History
      REF  E195 .H295 1995 

   What Happened When: A Chronology Of Life   
      and Events in America
      REF  E174.5 .C32 1989

•   National Geographic Eyewitness to the 20th Century
     REF D421 .N37 2004

•   The Timetables of Technology
     STACKS  T15 .B73 1994

•   The Timetables of Science   
     REF Q125 .H557 1988


U.S. History Timelines/Chronologies on the Web

•    America's Best History: U. S, History Timeline
        America's Best History

•    American Education History: A Hypertext Timeline  
        Edmund Sass. Ed.D., College of St. Benedict
        /Saint John's University.

•    American History Timeline (1780-2000)  
        Animated Atlas.

•    U. S. History Timeline

Timelines on Specific Topics

    America on the Move  (Transportation in American History)
      National Museum of American History

Asian American History Timeline. Ancestors
      in the Americas
        Center of Educational Telecommunications

•   Civil Rights Movement Timeline

•    Events in Hispanic American History
         Gale. Cengage

•   Flagtime (States, Dates of Admission, Flags)
          Betsy Ross. Independence Hall Association.

•    President's of the United States
         The Whitehouse. Washington

•    Women's History Timeline
          Gale. Cengage

Multiple Timeline Websites

•    The History Place Timelines (Timelines on the American Revolution, U.S. Civil War, World War 1 & 11, Vietnam War, Indians of North America, This Week in History, This Month in History, Picture of the Week)