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Jewish Heritage Month: Journals & Articles

A guide highlighting books, websites, and articles on Jewish history and heritage.


Journal Articles

Leningrad Codex

  • Rosenthal, Gilbert S. "Tikkun Ha-Olam: The Metamorphosis Of A Concept." Journal of Religion 85.2 (2005): 214-240. Academic Search Premier. .
    Considers the evolution of the Jewish concept of tikkun ha-olam from a limited rabbinic norm or legal principle to the Talmudic notion of improving the bettering society through legislation, social action, and activism.
  • Gespass, David. "On Being Jewish." Guild Notes 28.1 (2004): 15-16. Academic Search Premier.
    Relates the author's experience of being Jewish. History of struggle against oppression; Zionism as a source of anti-Semitism; Distinction between Germans and Nazis; Deterrents to anti-Semitism.
  • Gilbert, Martin. "A Path To Peace Inspired By The Past." History Today 60.8 (2010): 28-35. Religion and Philosophy Collection.
    The article explores the historical relations between Muslims and Jews and compares them to the contemporary Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Gruber, Ruth Ellen. "Reclaiming A Heritage." New Leader 91.1 (2008): 11. MasterFILE Premier.
    The author describes the revival and revitalization of former Jewish quarters in towns and cities of different countries in East-Central Europe.
  • Schreier, Barbara. "Becoming American: Jewish Women Immigrants 1880-1920." History Today 44.3 (1994): 25. Academic Search Premier.
    Reflects on how the dress customs of Jewish women escaping from pogroms in Eastern Europe changed as part of their assimilation as Americans.
  • Silberman, Neil Asher. "Rewriting Jewish History." Archaeology 63.4 (2010): 18-66. Academic Search Premier.
    The article discusses archaeological artifacts, including Jewish and Christian written sources, such as rabbinic writings, that have transformed scientists' understanding of how European Jews lived during the Middle Ages.
  • Van Court, Elisa Narin. "Invisible In Oxford: Medieval Jewish History In Modern England." Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal Of Jewish Studies 26.3 (2008): 1-20. Academic Search Premier.
    The article focuses on the absence of references to Medieval Anglo-Jewish history in Great Britain.