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Jewish Heritage Month: Events 2019

A guide highlighting books, websites, and articles on Jewish history and heritage.

Monday - Thursday
JAN.6- 9

College Hour: Week of Welcome (WOW!)

Campus Center Dining Room (2201); 8 a.m. -Noon.
Visit the 2020 New Year's Week of Welcome (WOW)  Booth during week one of winter quarter for a test of Jewish Heritage Month. Enjoy coffee, tea, bagels, and grape juice. 

Wednesday, JAN. 8

College Hour Opening Ceremony 

Campus Center Dining Room (2201) Noon-1 p.m.
Let's celebrate the start of Jewish Heritage Month with falafel and a Jewish DJ!

Wedesnday JAN. 15

Club Day

Campus Center Dining Room (2201) Noon-1 p.m.
Stop by Club Day to check out more than 70 clubs, including the students Supporting Israel (SSI) club booth, to learn how to play dreidel and the Birthright Booth! There will be falafel, too. 

JAN. 21

Lecture: History of Antisemitism in American Literature

Hearthside Lounge (2313); 9 - 9:50 a.m.

Foothill College English Instructor Dr. Scott Lankford will speak about the long and daunting history of Antisemitism in American literature — including such beloved classics as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Great Gatsby. 


Thursday, JAN. 23

Krav Maga: Self-Defense Demonstration

Hearthside Lounge (2313); Noon - 1 p.m.
Instructor Omer Katz will be teaching a class on how to defend yourself using the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga. 

Monday, JAN. 27

Film Screening: Holocaust Escape tunnel

Hearthside Lounge (2313); 1pm - 2 pm
Join us while we watch "Holocaust Escape Tunnel" a documentary about a group of archeologists who discover a tunnel near Vilnius, Lithuania, which served as an escape route for Jews feeling the Nazis During World War II 

Monday, JAN. 27

Healthy Boundaries Workshop 

Field Trip to Hillel of Silicon Valley, 44 S 11th st. San Jose 7-9 pm
Shalom Bayit, the Bay Area's premier center for domestic violence prevention and response within the Jewish community, will be having a workshop designed for students about healthy boundaries in relationships and dating. 

To participate contact Erin Ortiz at by Jan. 24 for a field trip form. 

Wednesday, JAN. 29

Closing Ceremony

Campus Center Dining Room (2201); Noon-1 p.m.
Join us for our official Jewish Heritage Month College Hour Closing Ceremony for this incredible month. There will be booths celebrating the international Jewish experience. 

All events are free admission and sponsored by the ASFC OwlCard Student ID
and are part of the Heritage & Health Series Service Leadership Program.

Co-sponsored by Foothill Jewish Student Union and Hillel of Silicon Valley.