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Academic Search Complete: Subject Terms

What are Subject Terms?

[source: Mike Blackburn]

Subject terms are the "official" vocabulary of a database. They are words and phrases that have been chosen to describe article topics, and will provide a more focused, accurate search.

Where do I find subject terms?

You can find subject terms in the following places:

  • On the results list page, you'll see Subject: Thesaurus Term in the left column. Click on the boxes next to the subject terms you want to use, then click Update to add them to your search.

           Subject: Thesaurus Term

  • In the individual article record, click on a subject term to run a new search using that subject.

           Subjects in article record

  • In the Subject Term Index:
    • To view the subject term index, click on Subject Terms at the top of the page
    • Enter a search term in the Browsing: Academic Search Premier -- Subject Terms box and click on Browse

    • Click on one of the subject terms listed to display broader, narrower, or related terms.
    • To find articles with a certain subject term, click the box in front of the term and click Add (you can select OR, AND, or NOT from the dropdown box).
    • Go to the top search box, which will now contain the subject term(s), and click Search.