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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Heritage Month and LGBTQ Resources: LGBTQ Books

A guide highlighting campus events and library resources - books, articles, websites, films, about the LGBTQ experience.

Find books Using the Library Catalog

Conduct a general search on the Library Catalog by keyword.  In the catalog, search by author, title, or subject heading.  Useful subject headings for locating  books on LGBTQ topics are listed below.  

Books available for check out are located in the Stacks.  Ask a librarian to point you in the right direction. 

Browse the Library Stacks

Browse the library stack sections listed below for many (but not all) books on LGBTQ topics.  LGBTQ is an interdisplinary topic and other titles will be found in other disciplines including law, sports, employment and art.

HQ74 -HQ77.95

   Gay Rights (Law)

LGBTQ Books available in the Library

Listed below are some of the books covering LGBTQ topics available at the library.  Find additional titles using the information in the left column.  Titles available in print and/or ebook format.    

Stonewall Book Award Titles available in the Library

Stonewall Book Awards, sponsored by the Amerian Library Association's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table, recognize exceptional books addressing the LGBT experience. Some of the Stonewall award titles available at the library are listed below.  A complete list of award titles can be found on the Stonewall Book Awards website (not all available at Foothill Library).