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Artstor: Browsing and Searching in Artstor

A description of Artstor and instruction in its use


Browse content by collection, classification, or geography.     

  • Browsing by Collection allows you to view all the collections in Artstor from specific partner institutions such as museums, libraries, photographers and photographic archives. Each collection is subdivided by categories based on the content of the collection. 
  • Browsing by Classification subdivides the Artstor Digital Library into sixteen broad classifications, including "Architecture and City Planning", "Decorative Arts, Utilitarian Objects and Interior Design", "Drawings and Watercolors", "Maps, Charts and Graphs", and "Graphic Design and Illustration." Each classification can be sorted further by geography.
  • Browsing by Geography allows you to focus on works created by an artist from a specific country or, in the case of architecture, the location of the work. Each county or region is further subdivided by object classification.                                                                          

(Text adapted from Artstor Website retrieved 1/13/15 and 3/3/22)

Advanced Search

From the main Artstor Search page you can select Advanced Search:

Clicking Advanced Search will bring up the following options: Search for words or phrases, Search by date, Search by geography, classification, and/or collection type. You can combine these options to narrow or broaden your search.

Search by word or phrases

Search for multiple words or phrases. Use Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) with your terms to broaden or narrow your search. You can also limit your search by specific fields, such as Title, Creator, Repository.  This will use controlled vocabulary, which may vary by the institution that holds the object. For an example of the searchable fields see the tab in this LibGuide, "Finding More Information about an Image"

Search by date or date range

To search by date, enter a year or a range of years

Search by Classification

Search by classification of object such as "Photographs" or "Fashion, Costume and Jewelry." You may choose multiple categories.

Search by Geographic Region

Search by geography. The list is organized by continent, then by country. For example, choosing North America automatically includes the United States, Canada and Mexico, or you can also search for each country individually. You may include multiple regions and countries in your search.