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Fake News or Real News: Determining the Reliability of Sources: Home

Fake News vs. Real News

"Fake news stories have real life consequences "(NPR)

Ever been fooled into clicking an article that you later found out is completely untrue? 

Ever reposted an article after only reading the headline and find out later the article was not on the same subject? 

You have been a victim of the huge increase in fake news stories on the internet. The NPR article quoted above references the recent incident where a fake news story caused someone to bring a gun to a pizza restaurant to investigate alleged crimes. Telling real news from fake news stories isn't easy but there are skills to help you. Use this guide to become a smart reader of news articles and be able to detect fake news from real news.

Types of Fake news

One of the things the Presidential Election Campaign of 2016 may be remembered for is the proliferation of fake news stories. Evaluating information has never been more important.  

What does "Fake news" mean?

What isn't "Fake News"?

  • News article by a legitimate news organization, whose slant on the issue you don't agree with. Bias should be recognized, but don't let it stop you from hearing all views on an issue.

Fake News