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2POC Together People of College: An Anti-Racism Rally and Teach-In: Home

How do we talk about and combat racism? Foothill students, faculty, and staff will give short talks on techniques to actively promote anti-racism in the classroom and beyond.


Top 10 Teach- in Tips

Top-Ten Teach-In Tips

  1. BE RESPECTFUL and SUPPORTIVE:  Presenters and Participants must all work together to maintain a respectful and supportive environment.
  2. ENTER and LEAVE QUIETLY:  Audience participants are welcome to enter and leave in-between Ten Minute Teach-In Talks.  You do not need to attend the full 2.5 hour event.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS POLITELY:  Thoughtful and appropriate questions may be addressed to presenters during the brief 5-minute periods between presentations.  Please raise your hand to be called on.
  4. COMMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  Please comment and contribute to our social media pages (TBA).
  5. ACCESS IN-DEPTH RESOURCES:  Foothill’s Equity Librarian Laura Gamez has assembled a range of academic resources  (You are accessing it now)
  6. LISTEN AND DISCUSS what you learn outside in the Campus Center Plaza.
  7. ENJOY FOOD AND MUSIC in the Campus Center Plaza throughout the event
  8. CONNECT WHAT YOU LEARN to your own communities, clubs, and classes.
  9. SPEAK OUT AGAINST RACISM wherever you find it.
  10.  ORGANIZE MORE EVENTS like this one to help us teach and learn from each other throughout the year

Comments, Questions, Concerns?  Contact Professor Scott Lankford, English Dept

Schedule of Events - (Hearthside Room 2313)

Campus Center Plaza (Outdoors near the FH Bookstore)

12:00 Danya Adib, ASFC Student Body President
Welcome and Personal Perspective
12:15 Daisy Rosalez, Honors Connection Club President
 Welcome and Personal Perspective

Hearthside Room (2313)  
Event MC: Professor Scott Lankford
FH English Dept, Honors Institute  

12:30: Professor Natalia Menendez 
 FH English Dept, Pass the Torch  
  “On Race as a Social Construct”       

12:45 FH Student Kelia Escobedo 
FH Ambassadors Program
"On DACA and Being a Dreamer"

1:00 Professor Bil Zienghorn
FH Department of History
"On the History of U.S. White Supremacy"

1:15 FH Alum Cindy Manit
SF Queer and Women's Right Activist 
"On Attempting to Dialog with the Alt-Right"

1:30 Professor Sam White
FH Department of English, Umoja Program
"On the Colin Kaepernick Controversy"

1:45 FH Student Eman Magzoub
FH Middle College Program
Slam Poem: "Dear Racism"

2:00 FH Student Lydia Tomeo
WA Colville Tribe Member
"On Racism from a Native Perspective"

2:15 Professor Ron Herman
FH Photography Dept.
"On Overcoming Islmaphobia" 



Foothill Student Government  (ASFC)

Foothill Ambassadors

Foothill Honors Connection Club

Foothill Language Arts Division

Foothill SCRIPT Newspaper

Schedule of Events - (Ambassadors Room 2150)

Event MC: Professor Allison Herman
FH English Dept, First-Year-Experience

12:30 Dean Christopher Warren
​FH Dean of Equity and Inclusion
“On the Revolutionary Power of Equity”

12:45  FH Student Juan Ramirez
FH Ambassadors Program
“On DACA and Being a Dreamer”

1:00  Dean Paul Starer
FH Language Arts and Library Division
“On American Anti-Semitism”

 1:15 FH Student Jeline Buron
 FH Honors Connection Club
 “On Bullying in the Land of Opportunity”

1:30   Professor Che Menses
FH Dept of Communications
“Civic Engagement via Social Media and SLOs: Ecosystem vs. Echo Chamber”

1:45   FH Student Courtney Cooper
FH Student Trustee 2016-2017
  “On Moving Beyond Guilt to Action”

2:00 FH Student Missy Hart
FH Ambassador's Program
"On Racism in the Foster Child Syndrome" 


Equity Librarian

If there is anything you would like to see added to this guide, please contact me,

I would be more than happy to add any relevant materials or resources!