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Foothill Veterinary Technology: Books

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How to Find Books

Search the Library Catalog to find books, eBooks, and periodicals. You can search by keyword ("everything"), author, title, or subject heading. The results list will give you basic information about each item, including availability. To find out more, click on Details.

Three tabs provide different kinds of information. A Look Inside might show a summary, the table of contents, and/or reviews of the book. The Catalog Record provides all the details you will need for a citation plus the book's subject headings, which are clickable links and may give you ideas for other searches to try. Some keywords that might be useful for you to search:

Veterinary  medicine                                                      Animal Diseases
Veterinary small animal                                                 Veterinary large animal 
Animal anatomy                                                             Animal husbandry
Pets diseases                                                                 Veterinary surgery
Small animal practice

Books that are available to be checked out are located in the stacks (the bookshelves in the Quiet Study Area). Ask a librarian to point you in the right direction.


Besides the eBooks in the general catalog described above, and the Reference books  available from Credo Reference ( listed below right), there is a separate selection of eBooks from EBSCO which can be found using the eBooks tab on the main library page.

Here are some search keywords which might be helpful in looking for material in these eBooks:

Animal husbandry                                                        Veterinary medicine    
Veterinary surgery                                                        Veterinary small animal  
Veterinary medicine--practice

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Reference Books

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