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Faculty Guide to Streaming Videos: Kanopy

Answers to common questions about streaming video

Kanopy Videos at Foothill College Library

Videos from the Kanopy home page

What Is It?

Kanopy is a mediated resource. Viewing is limited to films the Foothill College Library has licensed. The library will only license films from Kanopy that are unavailable elsewhere. 

How do I create an account?

A personal account with Kanopy is not required to view Foothill College Library licensed content. Select "skip" to bypass Kanopy's registration process.

  1. Go to Kanopy.
  2. Log in with your CWID and MyPortal password (if off-campus).
  3. Locate the "sign up" button in the upper right corner of the screen.  

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • Allows you to add films to your watchlist and add comments
  • Lets you curate your own playlists of films and clips, that can be shared with your students via Canvas, email, social media or your website
  • Gives you control of user settings including playback and close captioning

Requesting a Film

  1. Go to Kanopy.
  2. Click on the desired streaming video title.
  3. If the "Request Access" form pops up, you have selected a currently unlicensed title. Fill out the form and hit "submit."
  4. A librarian will contact you within a week. (Expect a longer response time during the summer.)

Embedding Videos

Kanopy is not integrated with Canvas but embed codes are provided to enable viewing within a Canvas page.

Embed an entire video

  1. Open Kanopy and search for your video.
  2. Click the Share button below the video player and select the Embed tab.
  3. Copy the embed code that appears in the box.
  4. Go to your Canvas page.
  5. Click on the Embed tool. cloud with brackets
  6. Insert the embed code and click Submit.

Note: Refer to the Clipping section of this guide to learn how to create clips.


You must be logged into your Kanopy account to access the clipping and playlist tool. Unique links and embed codes are generated for custom clips and playlists.