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Faculty Guide to Streaming Videos: Swank Digital Campus

Answers to common questions about streaming video

Swank Videos at Foothill College Library

videos from the Swank home page

What Is It?

What is it?

Swank Digital Campus is a mediated resource that enables the college to provide streaming access to feature films and documentaries released by most major studios.  Our subscription gives the library access to up to 25 films at a time per year.  Each film is licensed for a one year term.

How do I create an account?

  1. Access Swank Digital Campus from the library's homepage under Featured Databases.
  2. Log in with CWID and MyPortal password (if off-campus).
  3. Indicate your role as instructor and complete the registration process.

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • Registered instructors can request films via the Swank portal.
  • Registered instructors can obtain watch links to share with your students.


Requesting a Film

Faculty may request titles for your classroom through the Swank portal. To search the catalog of films and request titles, click on the Instructor login button in the upper right corner, and you will be prompted to register for an instructor account. (This is also required to obtain watch links to share with your students.) After you register, you can search for and request titles. Your request(s) will be routed to the library. Please keep in mind that by law we can only license closed-captioned films.


Making a Title Request

Assigning and Sharing Films

Embedding Videos

Swank is not integrated with Canvas but links are provided. Links to films can be added to a Canvas page and will open in a new browser window where the film will be viewed.

Add a video link

  1. Add a film poster image to your Canvas page. 
  2. Open Swank and select your video.
  3. Click Share beneath the Swank video player and copy the Direct Link. Do not use the LMS Link.
  4. Highlight the poster image.  Select the Links tool in Canvas to add an External Link to the film poster image. Click Save.
  5. Add instructions for your students to the page (i.e., "Click on the film poster to watch the film.")
  6. The Swank video player will open in a new window. 


Enter a film title into Google Image Search to find film posters and DVD covers for Canvas.


Swank does not provide a clipping tool due to licensing and usage restrictions.