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Faculty Guide to Streaming Videos: Digital Theatre+

Answers to common questions about streaming video

Digital Theatre+ at Foothill College Library

Films featured in Digital Theatre+  

What is it?

Digital Theatre+ is an online collection of classic and contemporary theatrical productions brought to you from such partners at Shakespeare’s Globe, BroadwayHD, and the BBC. This core is supplemented by video resources (insights from casts, creatives and academics to give context and enrich students’ learning) and written resources (essays, guides, and lesson plans written by and for educators that give an in-depth look at a play or topic, perfect for independent study or supporting your lesson prep).

Highly recommended for Theater, English, Dance, Music, History, and Humanities classes.

Embedding Videos

Digital Theatre+ is not integrated with Canvas but links to films can be added to a Canvas page and will open in a new browser window where the film will be viewed.

Add a video link

  1. Add a film poster image to your Canvas page. 
  2. Open Digital Resources+ and select your video.
  3. Look for the Share button at the bottom of the video and copy the link.
  4. Highlight the poster image on your Canvas page.  Select the Links tool in Canvas to add an External Link to the film poster image. Click Save.
  5. Add instructions for your students to the page (i.e., "Click on the film poster to watch the film.")


Although Digital Theatre+ does not offer a clipping tool, you can copy and paste the URL for individual scenes in a play the same way you do for a video.