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JSTOR: Advanced Search & Refinements

How to use Jstor, through the De Anza Library

Performing an Advanced Search

Advanced Searches can only be performed from the main JSTOR page.

The Advanced Search button doesn't appear on search result pages.

Much like Basic Search, you can select to search through All content or exclusively Images.

The keyword search can be refined to specific fields, such as title, subject, and publisher. You can add as many search boxes as you like. Boolean words (AND, OR) are used when searching for multiple keywords.

One of the most useful is the publication date range. This will filter by original publication date, enabling you to find specific periods in history for your search.

Using Search Refinements

Using both basic searches and advanced searches, you can use "refinements" to filter your search results and narrow your search to target what you want.

The refinement filters are located on the left side of the search result window.

Search within results:

Think of this like a secondary search using your initial search terms. This secondary search will target keywords and cannot be narrowed down like an Advanced Search.

Two major refinements are Subjects and Classifications.

Subjects span very widely, including subjects such as agriculture and history.

Classifications are based on disciplines and features.

These are more complex and are mainly useful for image searches, enabling you to sort by formats such as paintings and photographs.

While De Anza offers a huge selection of content available through JSTOR, we recommend you filter content you can access by selecting "Content I can access". Content outside De Anza's access will surface, but cannot be viewed, saved, or cited.