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Off-Campus Library Services: Find Books Online

Guide for students doing research off campus.

Why Books?

Books tend to be more comprehensive and in-depth than other information sources. They can also offer a critical distance from the subject.

stacks of books next to three open books


Free Learning Materials

Go to Foothill College's Free and Open Learning Materials page to find free textbooks and educational videos that are openly licensed for use, remixing, and sharing.

The Library's eBooks

The Foothill Library offers you over 120,000 high-quality academic eBooks on a variety of subjects.

Searching for EBooks

Learn More about the Library's E-books

Searching EBSCO eBooks

View this video for a tutorial on the searching functionality for our eBooks and how to read eBooks online (3:30 min.).

Annotating EBSCO eBooks

This short tutorial will show you how to make notes on an EBSCO ebook and store them in a folder to look at later.

Downloading EBSCO eBooks

This video offers a tutorial on the download functionality of our eBooks (4 min.).



Google Books

Google Books search

We mostly think of Google for finding websites, but it can also guide you to books online. For many books you will only be able to see a preview, but if a book is available in the public domain, you can download a PDF.

Search Google Books

Google Book Search