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Off-Campus Library Services: NoodleTools

Guide for students doing research off campus.

What is NoodleTools?

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NoodleTools is a citation tool that will help you create citations and much more! Use it when you start your research to organize your sources, take notes, and write outlines.

Other Features

  • NoodleTools will give you guidelines for the corresponding in-text citation for each of your full citations. Just click on the Options pull-down menu,  located to the right of the finished citation, and select In-text reference. 
  • You may print, export, or e-mail your list.
  • Click on Analysis to see what types of references you used and how current they are, so you can determine if you have a good balance of sources.
  • You can start your paper in Google Docs.

Using NoodleTools to Format Citations

1. Go to NoodleTools and sign in or register as a new user if you haven't used NoodleTools before.

2. Next, click on Create a new project.

3. Enter a project title, choose your citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago) and a citation level (for college students I recommend Advanced). Then click on Submit.

4. To create your bibliography, click on the Sources tab and then on Create a new citation.

5. NoodleTools will walk you through the steps of creating your citation.