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Off-Campus Library Services: Find Articles

Guide for students doing research off campus.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Sometimes an instructor will suggest you use peer-reviewed or scholarly articles. What are they talking about? In contrast to popular magazines like Time and People, academic and professional journals are written by and for experts in a specific subject. Examples are The New England Journal of Medicine and American Historical Review. A peer-reviewed article is one that has has been evaluated by a panel of experts before being accepted for publication.

The library's databases offer you an option to limit your search to peer-reviewed journals.

Limit to peer-reviewed box

Library Databases

Magazine covers

You can find thousands of articles in magazines and journals in the library's databases. What is a database? A collection of the online versions of newspaper, magazine, and journal articles that can be searched and accessed online. 

Click on one of the multi-disciplinary databases like Academic Search Premier or use the pull-down menu to select databases in your subject area. If you are off campus, you will see a login page at this point prompting you to enter your student ID. Once you are in the database, you can search for articles  and then download or email them to yourself. For more help, look at the Search Tips tab in this guide or send us an email.

How to Search

Locate a Specific Article

If you have a citation already and want to find out if the article is available at Foothill, use the Journals search. 

Where is the New York Times online?

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

If you come up short in the library's databases, you might try searching Google Scholar. Most articles are not available full text, but it is possible to link to Foothill's collection. Go to Scholar Preferences in the upper right-hand corner of the Google Scholar site and make sure Foothill College is selected under library links.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search