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Open Educational & Open Access Resources: Open Educational Resources Overview

ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)

Creating OER

Why OER?

“Why OER” video by The Council of Chief State School Officers. Video: CC BY 4.0 Music: The Zeppelin by Blue Dot Sessions: CC BY NC 4.0.

How to find OER

“How can I find OER?” Video by Council of Chief State School Officers, CC BY 4.0. Music by Lahaina by Blue Dot Sessions: CC BY NC 4.0

OER Resource Collections in Canvas Commons

A search of "CVC" in the Canvas Commons will show you the CVC-OEIs OpenStax resources. Additionally, a search for "ASCCC" will show you resources that the ASCCC OERI Initiative is adding to the Commons. You can import a Commons resource directly into a Canvas course shell - where its contents will be added to whatever is already in the course. The only elements that the new content will override will be the image in the Canvas dashboard and the licensing indicated on the Frontpage.

OER Listservs